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        2016 Summer Camp                   Introducing our new Transitional-K Program!             

We are very proud of the success of our preschool program and we are excited  to announce some  innovative changes.  Beginning in the Fall of 2016,  we  are  introducing  our new  Transitional-K  Program.  The  new curriculum  has  a  strong  focus  on  STEAM   ( Science,  Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) and includes an emphasis on our Literacy Program, with a teaching  style  based  on  Reggio  Emilia and  Project  approaches.                                                                                                                                                     Our Literacy Program includes "Handwriting without Tears", with guided writing/journaling activities, and independent  and peer reading, with a focus on reading comprehension.  The T-K program will continue to include   enrichment   classes   such  as  Art,  Music,  Spanish,  and  Technology, as well as Gym Sport, which is optional.                       With our great teachers and innovative curriculum, your child will have a strong foundation for all activities and skills that  will be  introduced in the kindergarten classroom and beyond!  Look for  information  on  Meet  the  Teacher coming up! All  current students  are  automatically  enrolled.  We have a limited number of spaces available for new students. Enroll now!  

All elementary school children are invited  to join us for fun, exploration, and adventure as part of our 2016 Summer Camp!

 Camp  begins on May 26, and runs through August 12. We  have  so  many  fun  and  adventerous  activities planned  along  with a  variety  of  exciting  Survivor Challenges.  We will explore:

Discovery Place ............ South Carolina State Museum Emerald mine ................ Riverbanks Zoo                NASCAR ....................... Aviation                         Lazy 5 Ranch ................ Ray's Splash Planet               Monkey Joe's ................ Chuck E. Cheese     

There will be a variety of fun activities including:     Obstacle course runs ..... Jumping on trampolines         Ice and roller skating ..... Disney's Aladdin Live            Going to the movies ....... Arts and crafts, cooking       

and more!