At Field of Dreams, we use an approach to teaching and learning that focuses on the natural development of the child. Learning will be child directed, this is based on the philosophy that learning must make sense to the child in order for it to be effective and meaningful. The teachers will listen to and respect the thoughts and ideas of the children to develop lessons that are interesting and meaningful. Senses play a large part in a child’s learning and will be utilized frequently to provoke naturally inspired learning. The teachers will focus a majority of their time on teaching the children colors, numbers, letters, and other academic skills in preparation for kindergarten. This will be done in a way that makes sense to the child and coincides with their natural development.

You may see more natural and home-like elements in the classroom. This is to make the children, families, and teachers as comfortable, open, and inspired as possible. Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s learning. The class website, documentation around the classroom, the interest web, conversations with teachers and children are the best ways to understand and follow the complete learning process that is taking place in the classroom at Field of Dreams.

Other features of our Curriculum are as follows:

  1. Conferences will be offered in correlation with our formal assessments at least twice a year. We encourage all families to participate so that educators can discuss the child’s progress in the classroom.
  2. A portfolio featuring your child’s developmental milestones will follow them from infancy until Kindergarten.
  3. Our environment naturally inspires children to learn through connections with nature while fostering individual learning styles with home-like elements in the classroom.

Our classrooms are set up in learning centers which facilitate hands on and individualized learning. Field of Dreams curriculum focuses on Learning Through Play.  Learn more here.

Field of Dreams has participated in N.C. State University’s Natural Learning Initiative. Check it out here.

The Field of Dreams curriculum is also focused on celebrating and recognizing families. As a result, we will celebrate Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Grandparents Day, Week of the Young Child and birthdays. We do not incorporate other holidays into our curriculum.