Pre-K / Transitional-K

Pre-Kindergarten / Transitional Kindergarten

The Field of Dreams Pre-K and Transitional Kindergarten classroom curriculum and teachings are based on the interest and developmental stages of the children while incorporating the South Carolina Early Learning Standards. These standards are based on current research and written by educators, advocators, board members, social workers, and childcare representatives from across the state of South Carolina. The standards are dissected into five developmental domains which are achieved daily through small group learning, discovery time, morning meetings, incorporating the environment as a third teacher, and daily routines.

The six developmental domains include:

  • Play and Learning (APL)
  • Emotional and Social Development (ESD)
  • Health and Physical Development (HPD)
  • Language Development and Communication (LDC)
  • Mathematical Thinking and Expression (MTE)
  • Cognitive Development (CD)

Small group activities are a way that we directly incorporate the Early Learning Standards into our curriculum. It allows our educators to work closely with the children to practice various skills with developmentally appropriate activities. The children are placed in different groups based on their individual developmental needs, their assessment level, or where they are socially. They will work in their groups independently or with an educator on the different activities. They will then rotate activities throughout the week as needed. This method presents the children with the opportunity to collaborate with their peers and educators to accomplish specific goals and tasks.

The use of these practices as well as parental involvement in the school and home setting provide children with many opportunities for success and set a basis for continual education in the Kindergarten environment.

The Field of Dreams Literacy Program will be introduced when the children have mastered and/or have a strong understanding of: letter-like symbols, and strong social-skills. The program will cater to the individual needs of each child, understanding that children develop and learn uniquely.

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