Natural Playground

Research has found the following benefits of natural playgrounds: 

Children with views of and contact with nature score higher on tests of concentration and self-discipline.

Play within a natural environment is more creative and imaginative which fosters language development.

Exposure to nature improves children’s cognitive development by improving awareness, reasoning and observation skills.

Play in outdoor environments are important to children’s development of independence and autonomy.

Natural environments stimulate social interaction between children.


Natural learning experiences that are fostered on the Field of Dreams playground:


Experience daily weather/climate changes

Explore various textures- grass, mulch, flowers, etc.

Further development of gross motor skills

Stimulation of all senses


Opportunities to develop coordination- hand-eye, gross motor

Natural setting to develop whole child; social, emotional, physical and cognitive

Life skills for caring for plants and animal life

Decision making skills

Expressing themselves creatively

Exploring water/dirt/sand/grass and its characteristics



Life experience raising plants/crops

Teamwork and problem solving skills

Continued growth of motor skills through play and real life experiences

Heightened observation and documentation skills of changes within nature

Creative expression through dramatic play

Cause and effect skills

Respect for all creatures in nature

The benefits listed above are just a few of the skills your children are developing on a daily basis here at Field of Dreams.  Your children are more intellectually engaged in a natural playground setting where they are the ones creating their own play and learning opportunities, as opposed to a large climbing structure that is designed to only foster gross motor skills.

We have had several teachers attend conferences specifically focusing on creating natural playgrounds for children, and they have provided a great amount of input and ideas that we have implemented on our playgrounds.  They have visited natural playgrounds and brought back wonderful ideas that we are continuously working on to add to our playgrounds.