What Parents are Saying

“The past six years at Field of Dreams have been great for our family. We are extremely grateful for the commitment of the entire staff to early childhood education and their influence on the development of our boys. They have learned so much over the years through hands-on learning, interaction with classmates, and the excitement of playing on the natural playground. Thank you for everything you have done to make Field of Dreams the right choice for our family, and we appreciate the care provided to each and every child!”

Suzanne and Jeff Hanson
Children ages 4 and 6


“We are ecstatic about the care that our son receives in the infant room at Field of Dreams. The facility is inviting, clean and well organized. The director and staff are helpful and welcoming. His classroom includes age appropriate toys, books, sitters and an inviting play area. The bottle, diaper and rest areas are very clean and organized. His teachers are warm, professional, informative and nurturing. He goes on buggy rides and experiences the outdoors on the natural playground. His teachers send home daily reports that include naps, dirty diapers, mood and feedings. The monthly newsletters explain the themes and skills that are taught and experienced each week. Field of Dreams has been more than we could ever have hoped for. We know our son is well cared for while we are at work! Field of Dreams phenomenal!”

Kate and Chuck Haynes
Child age 6 months

“The decision to put our first child into daycare as a newborn and return to work was difficult. Being new to the area and away from family, Field of Dreams offered the support network that we were missing. It has given me amazing peace of mind over the past two years to continue with my career knowing that he is so well cared for and getting a great experience. He loves his teachers and tells us so many stories about playing with his friends. We have watched our child develop in ways we never imagined from physically to language and social skills. Our son will do or say something and Scott and I will look at each other wondering how a 2 year old knows that. “It must be school” is usually our answer, although I’d love to take credit. Scott and I now participate in the Parent Teacher Organization because we were so impressed with the activities sponsored by the PTO and supported by Field of Dreams such as the Fall Festival and Parent Workshops. Now that we’re new parents again, I feel confident returning to work and can’t wait to see how our newborn will grow and develop under the care of Field of Dreams.”

Kerry Ann and Scott Reed
Children age 2, and newborn

“My twins attended Field of Dreams full time for 5 years. When they started kindergarten, they continued to go the Field of Dreams After-School program. My husband and I have been extremely pleased with the facility, programs, teachers and staff. Field of Dreams provided our children a structured curriculum for learning while being nurtured and cared for by a compassionate staff. My children loved their teachers and were excited about going to “school” everyday! When they came home at age 3 singing a song which named all the planets and understood what it was about, we had no doubt they would be well prepared for kindergarten. As full-time working parents, that gave us great comfort and relief.”

Kerri and Chris Robusto
Twin children ages 6

“We have 3 boys in Field of Dreams and can’t say enough about it. Our kids absolutely love going there every day and that makes it much easier as working parents to drop your kids off at a place that feels like home to them. The entire staff, from the Directors to the teachers truly care about the well being and development of each child and it shows. We have had the opportunity to have our kids in another daycare and Field of Dreams is head and shoulders above the competition. This is evident in the social, emotional, and educational development they’ve shown over the past year and a half we’ve had them enrolled. They have done an excellent job of preparing our children for the next phase of their education and we would highly recommend Field of Dreams to any parent looking for a high quality child development center.”

Scott and Valerie Yaniszewski
Children ages 4, 2 and 4 months

“We have been a part of FOD since June of 2007, when our oldest was just 12-weeks old. Being parents for the first time, we were especially particular and nervous about where we would be sending our child. We visited numerous facilities in the Fort Millarea, and not one came close to the quality of childcare that FOD offers. To this day, we have an unwavering respect and loyalty to the FOD family.

From the moment we walked through the door, there was a sense of security and confidence that our child would be in the best hands possible. The staff was warm, the children were happy, and the facility was extremely clean. We observed positive interaction and small bits of the curriculum offered. It was fantastic and this place was the one. By the way- you’ll never find a better infant room!! Over the years, we have developed so many wonderful relationships with the teachers and staff. The teachers genuinely love the children and enjoy what they do. The creative weekly lesson plans and constant smiles on the childrens’ faces evidence this. So many teachers to thank and tell how grateful we are to them!

Fast-forward 3 years and we had a new addition and a new house- in south Charlotte. We toured many possibilities to find a child care center closer to our new home, but yet again, were not satisfied with what other facilities had to offer. The cleanliness, hospitality, teacher-to-pupil interaction, curriculum were all closely evaluated, but we just were not impressed enough to make the move. So we commuted for months to keep our children in the best hands around- at Baxter FOD until the Edgewater location opened in July, 2010.

Edgewater is beautiful and impressive. The management team did a great job bringing in a group of amazing teachers. The natural playground and state-of-the art learning tools in each classroom are a huge hit with the children. It amazes me everyday the lessons and facts my toddlers bring home with them. Although we miss seeing familiar faces at Baxter FOD, we couldn’t be more pleased with how Edgewater turned out. It was well worth the long commute!

Our children have developed immensely through the years and we owe so much of that to Maura, Brianne, and each and every one of the teachers that we’ve been so fortunate to have. Every classroom the children have graduated into has provided exceptional methods of teaching to assist in developing and surpassing important milestones. Clearly teachers are hands-on and provide one-one attention. The monthly syllabus and many projects that are sent home reflect the immense amount of knowledge instilled into the children. Additionally, the teachers work very hard to have an open door policy with the parents. Conferences, and in-depth journals are just some of the many ways the teachers reach out to the parents to show us advancements and how our children’s personalities come out in the classroom.

We work very hard at home to instill values, nurture, and most importantly provide lots of love. How fortunate that FOD carries out those same virtues we work so hard to provide. There is no doubt in our minds that the children will be beyond prepared for the big step to kindergarten when the time comes emotionally, socially, and intellectually with the guidance they’ve received from Field of Dreams. We as parents are not perfect, but what we can do is choose the best for our children. And that life-changing decision for us was Field of Dreams.

Jessica and Billy Saffo
Children ages 2 and 4

My husband and I are proud to give our recommendation to any parents who are seeking an exceptional loving environment that offers child-centred, hands-on learning.

At Field of Dreams Nurture Center – the educators are completely committed to fostering the best qualities of each child and to help them develop a sense of self-esteem while fostering a love for learning.

Our son’s days are filled with play, art, music, learning and nutritiously well balanced meals. All the materials in his classroom have an educational and developmental purpose helping him to blossom academically, socially and emotionally. His spirit is bright, outgoing and friendly thanks to his teachers.

We are happy with our choice and highly recommend Field of Dreams Nurture Center as a loving, safe and appropriately challenging academic environment for son.”

Katrina and Bruce Moffett
Child age 2